molyia_vision Molyia’s vision

Molyia’s vision


Envisioned to be the top supplier of, Beverages, Pastries, Food and related products in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Molyia’s influence on its customers relies on perpetuating the perception that we offer the finest services and products across the nation. With high quality products to offer, we underscore the importance of satisfying our customers.

Putting the Customer First – Our Primary Focus Molyia’s idea for “right on time” supply is a major factor in achieving customer’s satisfaction. Envisioned to change the relation between customer and suppliers, we have themed ourselves to put customers first, meeting their demands on time.

At Molyia, our capabilities are the backbone of what we do and are the most valuable aspects of our business. Our vision is to dive deeper into coffee and tea distribution, leveraging the Group’s global strength and expertise in imports, logistics, distribution and optimize its presence in various international markets to bring the finest to the Kingdom.

Douwe Egberts, the most reputed brand in Holland is now exclusively brought by Molyia into the KSA. We also maintain the service of our product line of machines.